What Is REC ?

ROBOTICS® education centre is an educational institution which concerns about the development of robotics technology, we teach children aged 4 – 18 years. We use LEGO® Education as our basic tools.
“Playing is fun ‘work’ for children” is our concept. Playing while building an object that is continuously trained (practice) through investigation and confronts the problem will result in a logical way of thinking, solution, and creativity. Learning method which is applied is LEARNING by MAKING. Children are trained to create or build anything.

Why REC ?

- REC Provides good eye and hand coordination as well as sharpen fine motor skills.

- REC bares a curriculum that contains art abilities (creativity, imagination, design, and aesthetic) and social development, children mental and emotions (patience, persistence, confident, communication & team work).

- REC introduces science and technology to the students (simple applications, structure & power mechanism).

- REC uses Lego Education as tools, student passports as media and worksheets as theories.

- REC is oriented to practical implementations, not only theories.

- REC teaches the students to be a problem solver and best creator.

- REC also have equipped and adequate class rooms for the development of the students.

- REC organizes and turns a competition every year called ROBOTICS® National Competition (RNC), participates actively in national competition (IRO) and international competition (WRO).


A world with people who understand the technology, work productively and apply the technology with all the creativity and responsibility to improve the quality of our lives.


Introducing young children to technology by teaching and traning them how to assemble robots to enhance their creativity, imagination, and develop their logical thinking with learning method “LEARNING by MAKING”.